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Our Conditions Explained



  • The device powers on and is fully functional with no damage.
  • All hardware and software works correctly.
  • Battery health of the device is above 80%. How to check?
  • No marks or scratches - Looks like a new device


  • The device powers on and is fully functional with no major damage.
  • All hardware and software works correctly.
  • Battery health of the device is above 80%. How to check?
  • A few minor scratches is acceptable.


  • The device powers on and is fully functional with no major damage.
  • All hardware and software works correctly.
  • Battery health of the device is above 80%. How to check?
  • Multiple light scratches and normal wear and tear is acceptable.


  • The device must Power on.
  • Any major damage such as smashed screen, chips, cracks, dents, scuffs, LCD damage, deep scratches, camera lens or missing parts.
  • There are issues with the software or hardware.
  • Any signs of water/liquid damage.
  • Heavy scratches and signs of moderate wear and tear.

Why should I sell with Tech Octopus?


We offer a Fair price
It's 100% Free!
We pay Fast
Trusted Diagnostics
14-Day Price Guarantee
We care about the Environment

How do I sell my phone?


Complete the sale of your mobile and package your device carefully. We suggest you using bubble wrap for added protection during transit.

Send your mobile phone back to us. Either take your phone to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection for free.

Once we've received and assessed your mobile phone, we'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.

Are you looking for a great price for your iPhone 11 Pro? makes getting a market-leading quote for your old iphone as easy as 123. Not only is it fast, quotes take just 30 seconds! It’s easy and trusted too. We guarantee you quote for 14 days and it’s free to send using our trackable postage label, giving you total peace of mind. Our simple process means you can sell your phone in as little as 4 easy steps....SEARCH, SELL, SEND and then SPEND your cash on whatever you like. Looking to get cash for your old iphone? Why not get a quote now.

Like the idea of helping the planet while earning cash in your bank? At Tech Octopus we refurbish your old phone back to its original condition and give it a second lease of life. This means less tech going into landfill and a cleaner world for us all.

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Questions about selling your iPhone 11 Pro: 

How do I sell my iPhone 11 pro?

Glad you asked, it’s super easy. Simply enter your iphone model number and some quick details about the condition of your iphone and we will do the rest. Quotes usually take less than 30 seconds and are guaranteed for 14 days. When you’re ready to send your iphone simply package it up and send it to us FREE using the label we will email you. Then just sit back and wait for your money.

How do I send my iPhone 11 Pro to you?

Sending your iphone is FREE, trackable and trusted. We will email the pre-paid label so all you need to do is pack up your phone and pop it into your local post office. You can track your phone's journey for peace of mind too.

When will I get paid for my iPhone 11 pro?

Our tech experts will run a diagnostic check and make sure the condition of your iphone matches the details you entered, after that we will process your payment. Payments are usually processed the same day and directly to you making it fast and simple to get your cash.

Do you offer the highest prices for iPhone 11 pro?

Our prices are checked regularly meaning we remain trusted and competitive for you. Our aim is to give you the price you’ve been quoted, so as long as your phone matches the details you entered, what you see is what you get. 

Do you buy damaged iPhone 11 pro?

We sure do. Accidents can happen, even with the newest iphones so just be sure to select the phone condition that’s right for you. We accept pristine, good, poor and damaged phones and our quick quotes will reflect the condition in the amount you will get. Pristine and good phones will naturally get more than damaged phones because of the refurb costs but trading in your damaged phone still makes loads of sense. Get cash fast for your damaged phone and help stop another phone ending up in landfill.

Why should I sell my iPhone 11 pro with Tech Octopus?

Tech Octopus is a great choice for trading in your old, unused or pre-owned iPhone 11 Pro. It’s hassle-free and a fast way to earn extra cash for your iPhone.

We offer the following:

  • Fast Payment - Same day into your bank account or PayPal account

  • Free delivery - Tracked service back to us and if you're not happy with the price then we'll return it to you for Free too

  • Fair Price - We're transparent about our pricing and what you can expect

  • Trusted Diagnostics - We use PhoneCheck to test every device, so you know we're not finding issue

How do I prepare my iPhone 11 pro for selling?

Before you send your iPhone 11 Pro back to us, ensure you do the following for no delays:

  • Backup your data

  • Remove your account from iCloud

  • Package your iPhone carefully in its original box - Use bubble wrap for extra protection

Is selling my iPhone 11 pro good for the environment?

We aim to lower the amount of tech that ends up in landfill each year. By selling your iPhone 11 Pro to Tech Octopus, we can give your iPhone a second lease of life. We do this by carefully restoring your phone ready for a new customer. Meaning money to you and one less phone in landfill.