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iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max


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Our Conditions Explained



  • The device powers on and is fully functional with no damage.
  • All hardware and software works correctly.
  • Battery health of the device is above 80%. How to check?
  • No marks or scratches - Looks like a new device


  • The device powers on and is fully functional with no major damage.
  • All hardware and software works correctly.
  • Battery health of the device is above 80%. How to check?
  • A few minor scratches is acceptable.


  • The device powers on and is fully functional with no major damage.
  • All hardware and software works correctly.
  • Battery health of the device is above 80%. How to check?
  • Multiple light scratches and normal wear and tear is acceptable.


  • The device must Power on.
  • Any major damage such as smashed screen, chips, cracks, dents, scuffs, LCD damage, deep scratches, camera lens or missing parts.
  • There are issues with the software or hardware.
  • Any signs of water/liquid damage.
  • Heavy scratches and signs of moderate wear and tear.

Why should I sell with Tech Octopus?


We offer a Fair price
It's 100% Free!
We pay Fast
Trusted Diagnostics
14-Day Price Guarantee
We care about the Environment

How do I sell my phone?


Complete the sale of your mobile and package your device carefully. We suggest you using bubble wrap for added protection during transit.

Send your mobile phone back to us. Either take your phone to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection for free.

Once we've received and assessed your mobile phone, we'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.

Are you looking for a great price for your iPhone 11 Pro Max?

So you’re looking for the best price for your iPhone 11 Pro Max today? No problem. Sell to for the most competitive trade in rates. We make it fast, easy and hassle free. Trade in your old iPhone responsibly and help save the planet too. With Tech Octopus it couldn’t be simpler, just follow our 4 easy steps....SEARCH, SELL, SEND and SPEND. It’s that easy, why not get a quote right now.

When you choose to trade in with Tech Octopus your quote is guaranteed for 14 days and postage is free. We accept brand new, used and even damaged phones, just pop the details of your iPhone in and get a quote in just 30 seconds!

So if you’re looking to trade your iPhone in fast and hassle free for cash pop your iPhone details in today and get cash for your old phone.

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Questions about selling your iPhone 11 Pro Max: 

How do I sell my iPhone 11 pro max?

Getting cash for your iPhone 11 Pro Max is fast and easy with us. Simply enter your iPhone model. Don’t know the details? Our handy guide will help you find all you need to know. Let us know the condition and get a quote. All that’s then left to do is send us your iPhone 11. It really is that simple.

How do I send my iPhone to you?

Here’s the best bit, sending your iPhone 11 Pro Max back to us is free! We'll email you a pre-paid label ready to attach, simply package up your iPhone and pop it into your local Post Office. You will also be able to track your iPhone for your peace of mind.

When will you pay me for my iPhone 11 pro max?

As soon as we receive your iPhone our trained tech team will give it the once over to make sure it’s all in order and then we process your payment. Our payments are fast, in fact most are same day. You’ll get an email from us to keep you notified along the way.

Do you pay the highest prices for iPhone 11 pro max?

We’re always comparing our prices to make sure we are competitive, that’s why so many happy customers recommend us. Unlike many other phone recycling companies, we always aim to pay you the price you see, as long as your phone meets the criteria listed.

Do you accept broken or faulty iPhone 11 pro max?

Yes, so you can be sure to get cash for your damaged iPhone and save a phone from landfill. We know accidents happen, even with the latest phones so we accept broken and damaged iPhones too. Just be sure to select the correct description when getting your fast quote. The amount will naturally be less than a pristine, new or used iPhone because the refurb will be more but you will be helping the environment and making money.

Why should I sell my iPhone 11 pro with Tech Octopus?

Here at Tech Octopus we want to take all the stress and hassle out of trading in your old iPhone. It could be new, used or broken, either way we aim to give you the best price quickly. We’re committed to helping climate change so what's good for your bank balance is also good for the planet. Our prices and our process is clear, fair and trusted so why not trade your phone in now. We offer:

  • Fast Payment - Same day into your bank account or PayPal account

  • Free delivery - Tracked service back to us and if you're not happy with the price then we'll return it to you for Free too

  • Fair Price - We're transparent about our pricing and what you can expect

  • Trusted Diagnostics - We use PhoneCheck to test every device, so you know we're not finding issue

How do I prepare my iPhone 11 pro max for selling?

Before you send your iPhone 11 Pro Max off to us, ensure you do the following for no delays:

  • Backup your data

  • Remove your account from iCloud

  • Package your iPhone carefully in its original box - Use bubble wrap for extra protection

Is selling my iPhone 11 pro good for the environment?

It sure is. Trading in your iPhone to Tech Octopus is saving a phone from landfill. Every year billions, yes billions of phones end up in landfill. We pledge to help reduce this by making trading in your smartphone simple and fast, giving you peace of mind that your phone is reliably recycled.