Do you want to trade in or recycle your old or unwanted mobile phone? Selling your old device to Tech Octopus is a breeze! We offer a fast quote, free delivery and same day payment into your bank or PayPal account. See how much you could get by recycling your iPhone or Samsung today.

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How easy is it to recycle my mobile phone?

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Choose your category from above or use our handy search to find your model. Provide some details about the storage, network and condition of your device.

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Complete your trade-in and package your device carefully. We suggest you using bubble wrap to add that extra layer of protection during transit.

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Send your mobile back to us. Either take your packaged phone to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection.

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Once we've received and tested your mobile, we'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.

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Why should I recycle my used smartphone?

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There's hidden value in every smartphone, whether your old mobile is immaculate, used, pre-owned or even faulty. Over 50 million devices are sat in people's drawers unused, that could be recycled to make some extra cash. You could get paid quickly when you recycle your used phone.

Whether you're selling the latest Samsung phone or a broken iPhone, we can guarantee a price for 14 days, free delivery, and fast payment.

It couldn't be simpler to recycle a mobile phone with us. Once your trade-in is complete, we'll send you a pre-paid label for you to return your device back for free. Once we've received and tested your smartphone, we'll pay you quickly into your bank or PayPal account on the same day. We have over 10 years of experience buying phones from consumers and customers trust us to provide a 5-star service. 

Things to do when recycling your mobile

  • Backup the data from your phone - Please ensure that you backup any data and images to the cloud or a personal computer..
  • Remove any accounts - Make sure you remove your account from iCloud or Samsung lock.
  • Factory Reset your device - Before packaging your phone, please factory reset your device.
  • Remove any accessories - Make sure any cases, screen protectors and Sim cards are removed.
  • Clean your phone - Before sending your mobile, please give it a good clean.

Questions about recycling your device

Why recycle my Phone with The Tech Octopus?

The Tech Octopus truly care about the environment and saving the planet one phone at a time. That's why every device is fully tested, refurbished and re-sold to other customers to promote the circular economy. If you're looking for a competitive price for your iPhone 12, fast cash for your Samsung Galaxy S10 or want to see how much your iPhone XS is worth then we have an easy and simple service.

Keeping our customers happy is our main priority, that's why we've made our process so simple and free. You can get a quote in less than 30 seconds, free delivery via Royal Mail, and quick cash into your Bank or PayPal account on the same day.

We've partnered with an industry leading software provider (PhoneCheck) to assess the functionality and condition of your mobile. If we identify any issues or problems once we've received your device then we'll notify you immediately. Each device is 100% data wiped using certified software.

If you want more reasons to sell with us, please read here.

What should I do before recycling my iPhone or Samsung?

Before you return your phone to us, follow these easy steps:

  1. Unpair any accessories that may be connected to your mobile, such as a smart Watch or headphones
  2. Backup any data and images to the cloud or a personal computer
  3. Sign out of any accounts that may be linked to your device . Sign out of iCloud or Sign out of Samsung account
  4. Erase all of your data - Don't worry if you forget to do this as we'll wipe your device on arrival
  5. Remove any SIM cards and accessories such as cases and screen protectors
  6. Give your phone a good clean to make sure there's no dirt that could affect our conditional checks

Can I recycle a damaged phone?

Sometimes mobiles and other technology can develop faults or get damaged. If your phone has problems such as a smashed screen, damaged camera or severe scratches, we can still offer you a high price for your device. Lots of faulty phones end up at the back of a cupboard or stored away out of sight, but If you want to make a little extra cash and do the right thing for the environment, then consider a clear out and you might be surprised how much money you can make.

Find out more about selling your damaged phone.

How much cash can I get when I recycle?

When you recycle your mobile phone with The Tech Octopus the value we offer you is based on a number of different factors: The model of the device, the storage capacity, the network it's locked to, and its condition. You'll be able to get more cash for a perfect condition Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G than a broken iPhone XS Max for example.

Make sure you carefully read our condition descriptions when completing your sale. If we receive a device in a different condition than was originally stated, we may offer you a lower value. To see how much you could get when you recycle your old phone, choose one of the following categories:

Is recycling my old phone good for the environment?

Mobile phones and other tech can be harmful to the environment if not properly recycled. Our mission at The Tech Octopus is to recycle, refurbish and re-home mobile devices. We want to ensure that e-waste doesn't contribute to the global problem. We aim to put every device back into re-circulation and in the hands of other customers. For every mobile phone we purchase, we'll also plant a tree to offset the carbon footprint.