Sell My Broken iPhone

Looking for the highest price for your damaged or faulty iPhone?

Get a high price for your damaged, faulty or broken iPhone when you sell with Tech Octopus.

Whether your iPhone has a smashed or cracked screen, faulty home button or there's other issues with the hardware, we're happy to provide you with a quote...It only takes 30 seconds.

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Why should I sell my damaged iPhone?

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It's not just pristine and perfect iPhones and other smartphones that can help you to generate some much needed extra cash for that expensive gas bill or to help upgrade to the latest model. Even mobiles that have issues or damage can still be worth something.

Technology, especially Apple mobiles have a high re-sale value and if they're refurbished properly, can be used for a number of years to come.

Out mission at The Tech Octopus is to recycle, refurbish and re-sell devices back into the market, fuelling the circular economy to make sure devices don't end up contributing towards the global e-waste problem. 

You might be surprised how much you could earn for selling an iPhone that's been stuck in a drawer or destined for the bin. See how much you could get for selling your broken iPhone today.

How do I sell my broken Apple iPhone?

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Choose your iPhone model from the list above or use our handy search. Provide some details about the storage & network, then choose the 'Faulty' condition.

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Complete your sale and package your broken iPhone up carefully. We suggest you use bubble wrap to ensure no further damage during transit.

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Send your damaged iPhone back to us. Choose to take your package to the Post Office or arrange a home collection for ultimate convenience.

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Once we've received your faulty Apple iPhone we'll process your order and let you know if there's any issues to flag. We'll pay you within 24 hours if everything is ok.

Things to do when selling a faulty iPhone

  • Backup your iPhone data - If you can, ensure that you backup any data and images to the cloud.
  • Remove your iCloud account - Make sure you remove your account from iCloud. Find out how.
  • Factory Reset your iPhone - Before packaging your faulty iPhone, please factory reset your device.
  • Remove any accessories - Make sure any cases, screen protectors and Sim cards are removed from your iPhone
  • Clean your iPhone - Before sending your iPhone back, please give your device a good clean.

Questions about selling a broken iPhone

Why sell my faulty iPhone with Tech Octopus?

There's many reasons why selling your faulty iPhone with Tech Octopus is the right choice:

  • You can make some extra cash by clearing out your cupboards and drawers of those mobiles.
  • You'll be helping the environment by stopping non-working devices from being thrown away.
  • We offer free shipping, so it won't cost you a penny to get rid of those damaged devices.
  • We'll plant a tree for any device that we purchase, even broken ones.

iPhone and other mobile smartphones depreciate in value, so make sure you sell today or you might risk the price dropping.

How much can I get for my broken iPhone?

It's obvious that you won't get the same value for a broken iPhone than you would a working or new iPhone. That doesn't mean that you can't still get a competitive price for a phone that has issues or problems. 

We aim to offer a market-leading price that is guaranteed for 14 days, so if you sell today your price is locked and won't drop.

Choose one of the iPhone models above or use our search to find your model. Provide some details about the storage and network, then choose the 'Faulty' condition to see your quote.

When will I be paid when I sell my damaged iPhone?

Once we receive your broken iPhone, we'll put this through our diagnostic software to identify any software or hardware problems.

We'll also carry out a conditional check to look for any cosmetic problems such as cracks, scuffs, blemishes and dents.

If your device powers on and doesn't have any major issues such as water damage or the device is locked to iCloud, then we'll pay you on the same day. If there's anything we need to flag with you, you'll receive an email and SMS for you to make a decision on what you'd like to do.