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Why sell my Samsung phone to The Tech Octopus?


We offer a Fair price
It's 100% Free!
We pay Fast
Trusted Diagnostics
14-Day Price Guarantee
We care about the Environment

How do I sell my Samsung mobile phone?


Complete the sale of your mobile and package your device carefully. We suggest you using bubble wrap for added protection during transit.

Send your mobile phone back to us. Either take your phone to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection for free.

Once we've received and assessed your mobile phone, we'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.

Are you looking to sell your Samsung device with Tech Octopus?

Do you have a used, old, pre-owned or faulty Samsung mobile phone that you want to make some cash by selling?

Tech Octopus can give you a quote in less than 30 seconds and you'll earn cash quickly. It doesn't matter whether you're selling a working or damaged  Samsung Galaxy. We buy the latest Galaxy S22 Ultra, the ever popular Galaxy S21 5G, and even the previous models such as the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S10.

We'll guarantee that your price won't drop with out 14-Day price guarantee. This means that if the market price falls, you'll still get the amount you're quoted. 

Selling your Samsung phone is so easy to do. Follow our 4 simple steps to ensure you get the best price and paid quickly:

SEARCH -  Find your phone by using our handy search or viewing our Samsung Models.

SELL - By providing a few details about you and the Samsung you're selling.

SEND - Ship it back to us with our FREE pre-paid postage...Remember the quicker you return it, the quicker you'll be paid.

SPEND - Once we've received and verified your Galaxy, we'll pay you directly into your account.

Our service is 100% free and totally risk-free! If you're not happy with the value we offer for your Samsung device then we'll return your phone for free.

Got some questions about selling your Samsung phone?

Why should I sell my Samsung with Tech Octopus?

At Tech Octopus we want to make selling your Samsung phone as quick and hassle-free as possible. You can trade-in a variety of Samsungs from the latest Galaxy S22 5G, the ever popular S20 Plus or the trustworthy Galaxy S10e. We make the process simple and you can get a quote in less than 30 seconds.

Our aim is to offer a fair and competitive price for your Galaxy phone that you can send back to us for free and get paid quickly. Once we receive your Samsung mobile we'll test and process your device using our in-house software to ensure everything works. If there's no issues or defects then you'll get paid on the same day.

Recycling your Samsung phone helps to keep technology from landfill and you'll feel great that you're doing your bit, plus you earn some extra cash in the meantime.

Make sure you trade in and send your Samsung device back today to guarantee your price. We'll lock this price for 14 days but remember that the value can drop, so don't delay. If you're looking for more reasons to sell with us, check out the reasons to sell with us.

How do I prepare my Samsung phone before sending back?

To make sure your trade in goes through as quickly and easily as possible, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unpair any devices (such as Headphones or Watch) that may be linked to your Samsung phone
  2. Back up all of the data that's on your Samsung to the cloud or your personal computer
  3. Sign out of Samsung Cloud on your device - Find out how 
  4. Factory reset your Samsung device to ensure all of the data is cleared - Don't worry if you forget to do this as we'll also wipe all data when the item arrives with us
  5. Remove any SIM cards and memory cards from the device - If we receive any of these we will dispose of them
  6. Clean the device so it's ready for us to test and this doesn't impact our grading process

Do you buy broken Samsung devices?

With the advancement of smartphones, especially Samsungs, designs have become stylish and devices now have all-glass exterior. This can easily lead to scratches, chips, cracks and other damage to the phone that can affect the value of the mobile. Although these phones can show heavy wear and tear, there's still value in these devices and we're happy to offer you a competitive price to recycle your old Samsung phone.

Due to the damage we might not be able to offer you as much money as a pristine looking phone, but you can still sell to us as a working device under our 'Poor' or 'Faulty' condition. When selling, simply read our condition criteria and choose the option that best suits your Samsung.

If you're not sure about the condition then choose the closest match and we'll provide you with further details once we've received and tested your phone.

How much is my Samsung Galaxy worth?

If you've got an old Samsung phone to sell then we could be the choice for you! We offer a 30 second no obligation quote and it's so easy to sell. Simply find your Samsung Phone from our category page, or search for your phone. Provide us with a few details about the Samsung mobile and its condition. Choose your payment method and complete your sale...It's that easy!

The price we offer for your Samsung phone is based on the type and condition of the device and unlike other recyclers, we won't chip you down for silly reasons. If your model meets the condition description then you'll be paid the full amount.

To ensure you get the best possible price, follow these steps:

When will I be paid for my Samsung mobile?

After selling your Samsung phone to Tech Octopus we'll send you instructions on how to prepare your phone, how to package your mobile safely, how to send it back to us, and what will happen once it's been returned. All Samsungs we receive will go through our diagnostic software and testing process. This is where we'll check the functionality of the phone and determine its condition. If no issues are found and the device is exactly as you've traded then we'll pay directly into your bank or PayPal account.

If you've chosen a bank transfer then you'll receive your cash within 24 hours. If you've chosen PayPal as your payment option, we'll transfer the money to the email address associated with your PayPal account.

If your device is tested and the technicians find any issues, we'll contact you to let you know. You can decide if you wish to proceed with the trade at that point, or whether you'd like to have the Samsung sent back.

What checks do you perform on my Samsung?

When we receive your Samsung mobile phone our technicians will perform a diagnostic and conditional check. We believe that these tests should be fair and transparent, that's why we use PhoneCheck...An independent diagnostic and data wipe software company who are industry leaders in device testing. The software will only flag any issues that impact the usability of the phone. If you're unsure about any faults or issues we find, we can provide a full diagnostic report that outlines the tests undertaken and what (If any) issues/defects are found.